Patent Product Cryopad For Home Or Personal Use Cryolipolysis Slimming Device

Mini Antifreeze CryoPad Home Cryolipolysis Weight Loss Beauty Machine

Product Details

Patent product cryopad for home or personal use cryolipolysis slimming device


CryoPad (mini cryolipolysis fat freezing) through the cooling freezing technology, our CryoPad can reach -8degree, low 

tempreture will burn the fat and make fat decompose in the body, then it will flow out from lymph, pore,sweat and 

unrine.  So that it has a fast and best effect to loss weight.

24 units of bio blue light(423nm) reducing sebum active, calm allergic skin has very good help.


Loss weight on arm, belly, back of body, leg:
-Inches loss
-Skin tightening , improve skin elasticity
-Cellulite reduction, weight loss
-Shape body contour


-Binding the machine on the area that you want to do the treatment, plug in power, you’ll see the interface,TIME     

display window default display time is 30 minutes.

-At the same time, blue led light is lightly and fan is on working

-Just press ON/OFF button, machine is on working and stainless steel panel will be freezing to fat burning

-The freezing temperature can not be adjusted, within -8 ℃to 0℃.

-Please make sure machine is in good condition, let the machine work 1-3 minutes and then start the treatment

-must use anti freeze membranes during the treatment

-in the last 5 minutes treatment, please stop the machine

-Don’t eat spocy or sea good within 3days after CryoPad treatment

-It’s better do more sport and drink much water after treatment


1.What areas of the body can I use mini CryoPad on?

Anywhere OTHER THAN on your head, eye, neck(throat),breasts, genital area and inside your mouth

2.Will one sheet/membrane be used for one area or can we use the same pad for additional sessions?   

 1 sheet=1 treatment

3.How often do you use the mini CryoPad?

No more than once every 4 weeks on the same area. Therefore once you’ve treated the specific area, you must wait 

30days before treating it again. Though you can treat multiple areas. 

4.Medical conditions that stop you from using mini CryoPad are:

Do not use MINI CryoPad if you are pregnant, under the age of 18, have any heart-related illnesses, suffer from 

epilepsy, fever, inflammation,dermatitis(acne,eczema,herpes),warts,open or recently stitched wounds, serious or 

progressive illnesses(cancer, AIDS, hepatitis,blood diseases, ect),blood coagulation problems or mental illness. 

5.Do I need to wait between treating different areas?

Yes! Please wait 15 minutes before treating a different area.

6.How do I secure the mini CryoPad onto my first treated area?

Securing the MINI CRYO is quick and easy...just be sure to read the simple instructions. Take care to ensure that the 

fan of the MINI CRYO is not cover.

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