Cyolipolysis Slimming Weight Loss Machine Portable Style

Factory wholesale cryolipolysis fat freezing weight loss machine, using -0~-14C degree freezing treatment for slimming.

Product Details

Cyolipolysis Slimming Weight Loss Machine Portable Style


The cyolipolysis slimming weight loss machine uses freezing fat technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues,reduce unwanted fat.The whole procedure about 1~2 hour.

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Brief Introduction

Screen: 8.4 inch color touch

Cooling temperature: -0 ~ -14C

Maximum Input Power :500W

Pressure output:0-900Kpa

Cavitation Frequency:40Khz

RF Frequency:5MHZ

Feature: portable


1. Cryolipolysis + Vacuum + Vibration + Blue Light


2. 40K Cavitation

3 - _副本.jpg

3. RF Fat Dissolve



Cyolipolysis slimming weight loss machine is widely used in below areas:

1. Body shaping, fat dissolving, repel the cellulite.

2. Lymphatic drainage, promoting metabolism&blood circulation.

3. Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.

4. Tightening skin, strengthen skin elasticity,skin lift.

5. Clear belly wrinkles, especially the stretch marks.

6. Complementing the collagen, skin rejuvenation.



Fast Shippment: within 2 to 3days after receive payment

Best Warranty: 1 year warranty and life time maintence
Life long time technology support
Various training

OEM service: If more than 10 units, we can print your logo on handle and package

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