CE Approved Portable Cryolipolysis Rf 40K Fat Freeze Coolshape Slimming Machine

Non-invasive Weight Reduction Cool Fat Freeze Sculpting Cryolipolysis Machine

Product Details

Non-invasive Weight Reduction Cool Fat Freeze Sculpting Cryolipolysis Machine

Working principle

Use of fatty acid and glycerol in three specific will be transformed into the characteristics of solid at low temperatures, transmitted through non-invasive transmitter wave to specify precise control at low temperature melting fat parts for and eliminate fat cells. After the fat cells in the cold, will start the natural decomposition of the purge process, fat layer becomes thin. Through normal metabolic processes, the fat layer gradually reduced, reach the purpose of partial melting fat.

Cryolipolysis + Vacuum + Vibration + Blue Light

There are 2 different sizes Cryo handles, one for big area like belly, the other one for small area like arm or leg.

40K Cavitation

It effects in fat tissue produces, fat fragmentation and the subsequent diffusion of adipocytes lipid matrix which join to tissue fluids. Emulsificated fat is carried to the liver through normal metabolic tracks.


The RF is a non-evasive technology oriented to rejuvenation, offsetting the cutaneous acidity and betters the quality of the skin. In combination with the cold permits a complete approach of the skin optimizing the results.


Screen: 8.4 inch true color touch screen

Cavitation frequency :40Khz

RF :5Mhz multipolar RF

Input voltage :110V/220V 50HZ-60HZ

Input power :≤500W

Temperature :0 ~-14°C

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