Multifunctional Household Diamond Peeling Hot& Cold Hammer Ultrasonic Instrument

3 functions in one beauty machine: diamond peeling + ultrasonic + Hot & Cold Hammer,factory direct wholesale. Significant effect make you more beautiful and charming!!!

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Multifunctional Household Diamond Peeling Hot& Cold Hammer Ultrasonic Instrument


Theory(Model No.: JA-JP 02)


A. Diamond  Dermabrasion    ( Time: 10-15 minutes )

It is the use of patented diamond dermabrasion tube, and diamond heads with different thickness of diamond particles inlaid, by means of back and forth friction, and combine with the instrument’s vacuum pumping control intensity, to peel a shallow layer of epidermis. It is a non-invasive, physical shallow dermabrasion. So that the aging and damaged cells automatically detached, and no longer attached to the surface. Meanwhile absorbing oxygen by stimulating the skin growth layer to accelerate the development of skin tissue and promote the formation of collagen and make you more beautiful and charming ...

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B.  Ultrasonic Cosmetic ( Time: 5-10 minutes )

By the use of ultrasound and nanotechnology, make intense friction between the molecules by the vibration of 1.65 million times per second. This vibration can penetrate the skin 3-7cm, raise deep temperature, active cell metabolism, accelerate microcirculation and promote the reflux of metabolites. At the same time with certain ointment, the cosmetic effect is very significant.

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C. Hot & Cold Hammer  ( Time: 5 minutes )

Ice probe is very soft, and make sensitive damaged skin a kind of cold feeling, has a good effect on retreat red, sedation, relieve the skin and so on. It can be used to soothe and calm the irritated skin, not only to instantly stop the skin inflammatory message, but also to enhance the speed of epidermis recovery.

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A. Dermabrasion ( diamond peeling )

Conditioning skin and reconstructing healthy skin.

Improve the aged cutin, rough and aging skin.

Improve fine lines and loose skin.

Fading superficial light spots and sunburn.

Improve pores and acne scar.

Stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.

B. Ultrasonic

Face lifting, weight loss

Wrinkles removal

Whitening, skin rejuvenation

C. Hot and Cold Hammer

Retreat red

Calm and relieve the skin

Shrink pores

Smooth the wrinkles

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Delivery & Shipment


a. Delivery:  Within 2-3 working days after your payment

b. Shipment: Door to door service

c. Package: Standard carton box


Our Service


1. Professional OEM/ ODM service, customized order print logo on shell and package.

2. One year warranty and life long maintenance.

3. Various training




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