Jet Peel Pdt Skin Beauty Machine

oxygen jet peel+Dermabrasion+PDT+Ozone Beauty Skin Care Machine

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Jet Peel Pdt Skin Beauty Machine

Theory(Model No.: JA-JP 01)


This Jet Peel Pdt Skin Beauty Machine is a multi-function machine which combines the jet peel rejuvenation unit and photo therapy unit. The jet peel machine combines supersonic technology and photodynamic therapy. It uses supersonic technology to inject essential elements, i.e. water and oxygen etc. into the skin without injector. This can speed up the production of collagen and prompt the renewal of the skin. Thus, scars, fine wrinkle and dilated pore can be removed and a result of skin rejuvenation can be reached.

The LED skin rejuvenation is based on the latest high technology, and adopts the peculiar mere number in the world conducts technology instead of light and heat effect. Cooperating the lotus root mixture of high nutrition with special photosensitive composition while treating is helpful to insert the nutrition fast and effectively into hypodermis to be absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell and then produce the most high-efficiency photochemical reaction-the reaction urged by enzyme so as to raise activation of cell, promote metabolism of cell, make skin secrete collagens and fibrous organization packed by oneself in a large amount and increase biting fungus ability of the leucocyte at the same time. So our iet peel pdt skin beauty machine has the function of repair, soft skin, whiten and anti-oxidant as well as the good effect, especially suitable for subhealthy crowd , person with dry or sensitive skin, and the patients suffering from neural numbness of face or convulsion.


PDT System


Introduction for color photon

Red: Promote blood circulation, activate muscles, reduce fat, relieve anemia and shortness of breath, improve cardio-pulmonary function, and evenly largely benefit mood. 

Blue: Promote the synthesis of protein and gastric collagen, activate muscles, contract the slack skin and reduce lines of pregnancy. Irradiation to the point of glabella can compose mood and relax body and soul.

Yellow : Enhance blood circulation, activating cells, Stimulate the cell excitability active role. Increasing the skin collagen fiber and elastic fibers, avoiding the skin redness.

Red+Blue : cure the acne, relieve skin.
Red+Yellow : Stimulate dermal collagen, improve skin lines and skin tone 

Yellow+Blue : Improve facial lymph circulation, inhibit pigment expansion 

Red+Blue+Yellow : Improve ability of the cells absorb, promote collagen formation and treat the skin.





Length of PDT

Red Light  630  ± 5nm /Blue Light 460 ± 5nm

Treatment Intensity   of PDT

250mW/cm2 Max

Pressure of Air   Compressor

8 Bar Min

Pressure of Air   Compressor

6 Bar Max

Air Flow of Air   Compressor


Power of Air   compressor


Compressor Type

Oiless Silent Pump

Package size







1. New concept of skin rejuvenation, the most advanced skin renews technology.

2. Combined supersonic technology and photodynamic therapy.

3. Big LED therapy treatment covers with high density of LED array, which makes the treatment effective.





The Jet Peel Pdt Skin Beauty Machine is packed in standard wooden box


We can deliver the goods by DHL , Fedex ,TNT , EMS . Also use by air or by sea.

You can chooses the you need.

DHL is the fastest way, usually need 3-5 working days to arrive your country.






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