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European 1282 Certificate Electroporation No Needle Mesotherapy Machine For Distributers Custom

- Nov 03, 2017 -

No needle mesotherapy machine is also named cell activation apparatus.

Its thoery is electroporation and electroosmosis, it transport all kinds nutrient to inner layer of cell membranes according from aquaporins without syringe, it can solve many bad skin problem.

-Electroporation : it work on skin directly and it will increase permeability immediately. so that hydrophilic molecule went to inner of cell, so that skin goes smoonth and beautiful.

-Electroosmosis: make the alone molecules went into skin successfuly, so that stronger infiltration, stronger absorb.

Why electroporation mesotherapy machine is too popular in the beauty market?

1: non-invasive treatment

2: no pain

3: easy operate without any side effect

4: perfect treatment effect

Why choose JAMI?

1: We have professional European 1282 certificate so that distributers or customers can use or resell easy

2: We are focused on buyer customized(OEM services), all customers are satisfied with our high quality and professional services very much.


Porfessional custom for distributers

Ostar mesotherapy .png

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