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Distributers Wanted Medical Guide Lipo Hifu Machine With 5pcs Hifu Cartridges With Supper Effectitive

- Oct 30, 2017 -

The advantage of JAMI hifu machine :

1: JAMI hifu machine is medical guide used(some others are beauty hifu machine)

2: JAMI hifu machine make one line into 10-16shots(other beauty hifu machine has only 1shot or no shot out like radio frequency machine)

3: According from our testing, JAMI hifu machine can make 16spots in line into pork, and JAMI hifu machine can break down the acrylic sheet.

4: We can add your logo into first screen freely if 2pcs.

5: We also print your logo on the shell freely if 2pcs

6: Distributers are all satisfied with our quality and best services of hifu machine

hifu .png

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