dermapen 7 needles

Fine medical stainless steel dermapen needle for eye,noise,mouse and full face treatment with 1/3/7/9/12needles sale

Product Details

Specification(Model No.: JA-NT 12)

Model name


Needle material

Nano wafer /Imported Medical Stainless Steel

Needle Color

silver or golden

Needle Depth

from 0.25mm to 2.0mm adjustable

Needle number

1/3/7/9/12(main for face)


main body 2g



Package size



3 years

OEM service


What's Needle Cartridge ?

The needle cartridge uses 12 micro-sized 33 gauge micro-needles to stimulate the dermis faster than a manual dermal roller, resulting in shorter treatment times. With an adjustable needle ( depth/length ) , the Dermapen needles vertically pierce the skin to enhance rejuvenation results, maintain epidermal integrity and reduce patient down time.
The penetration depth of the needles can be adjusted directly on the device, so there is no need to change the tip in order to treat areas that require deeper or more superficial treatments. The area of the tip which comes in direct contact with the skin is about 1 centimeter in diameter, which makes it easy to treat hard to reach areas inaccessible to dermal rollers.

GUARANTEE: 100% Contaminant-Free

The SEA HEART needle cartridge is manufactured in accordance with ISO/CE standards. The microneedles are sterilized with gamma radiation and sealed in a hermetic pouch and are guaranteed to be 100% contaminant-free upon delivery.The needle cartridge uses micro-needles made from non-allergenic medical grade steel so there is no possibility of an allergic reaction to the device.The process is completely natural , safe and extremely effective.


Derma pen needle cartridge uses a knead rod inlayed with numbers of needles,combining with
functional nutrition liquid,regularly rolling in the places which needed to cure.It can puncture
more than 300,000 micro vessels on the epidermis within five minutes,forming an efficient nutrient
delivery system between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue.Then the nutrition liquid can entry
into skin effectively.Thus the effect of skin care become more perfect.Micro-needle therapy is
effective,safe and reliable.It is convenient to operate the micro-needle.You can use it in outdoor
activities including basking,but please note anti-sunburn supplies are needed.

How to use

The size of 0--0.50mm use method is:in the skin on the circle treatment.

The size of 1.00--2.50mm use method is:likes the stamp roller using way(stamp on the skin)

Different needle length for different skin care treatment详情图片.png


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