ODM Service Microneedling System 540 Pins Derma Roller

540 microneedle derma roller is effective, safe and reliable.It is convenient to operate in salon, clinic and at home.

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ODM Service Microneedling System 540 Pins Derma Roller

(Model no.: JA-DR 540)


Specification of 540 micro needling derma roller

1. Improve overall the quality of skin.

2. Stimulating the production of collagen.

3. Update epidermis cell.

4. Improve your pores.

5. Improve the absorption effect of the solution.

6. Convenient to operate.

7. Obvious effect.

8. Not rebound.

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 Why called it 540 pins microneedle derma roller?


The meaning of the 540 needles is 60 needles in each row, for a total of 9 rows. The difference between 

the various numbers of microneedles lies in the width of the roller. Asians face smaller than Europeans 

and Americans, 540-pin width just as the face dedicated. More pins are for body use, while rollers smaller

 than 540 are used for smaller areas such as around the eyes. So we recommend 540-pin microneedles.


Important Tips


Microneedles are tools that break through the skin channels, promote the absorption of essence, and 

help the epidermis regrowth. What is the role of the main effect is to see you with the essence. Microneedle 

itself has no effect.

The frequency of use we recommended once a week, do not use more than 2 times.


How to choose needle quantities?






1. Is it disposable?

No, a 540 microneedle can be used multiple times, but we recommend that it be replaced once in two 

or three months, making it more hygienic and at the same time keeping the needle sharp. At the same 

time do not use two people with the same microneedles to avoid cross-infection. 


2. Is it necessary to disinfect it?

Microneedle must be sterilized with alcohol before it can be used! 


3. Can I use it everyday? Could I make up after treatment?

Microneedle can not be used daily, it is recommended 1-2 times a week. After use the skin will have 

invisible micro-wounds, 2-3 days try not to make-up (liquid foundation will not work), but you can use 

a mild skin care cream to recover your skin.


4.  Microneedle can be used alone? What products can it mix use?         

Microneedle can not be used alone, must be used with a mild and easy to allergy effect solution.


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