Medical Guide 540 Derma Roller Microneedling Therapy System

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Medical Guide 540 Derma Roller Microneedling Therapy System


This medical guide 540 derma roller microneedling therapy can remove the facial fine lines, pigmentation and other symptoms, make the skin restore the principle of appearance, and achieve the goal of improving the thick pores. It not only can whiten, remove wrinkle, freckle, shrink pores, but also can improve skin quality in an all-round way, comprehensively solve facial skin problems, which is deeply loved by people who love beauty.


Product Name: Medical Guide 540 Derma Roller

Material of needle:Fine medical titanium

Material of handle and roller:ABS+PC


Package Dimensions: 16.2×4.6×4.2cm

Needles: 540 needles

Needle Size For Choose:
540 microneedle.jpg


Surgical operation grade stainless steel microneedles.
Roll over and penetrate the skins upper surface painlessly.
Improve the appearance of acne scars,fine lines,wrinkles.

Cellulite treatment/Cellulite reduction or removal.
Stimulating collagen growth.
Hair loss treatment/Hair restoration.
Hyper pigmentation treatment.


Medical Guide 540 Derma Roller is suitable for Home use /Clinical use / Physician use.

Packaging Details

Standard box package or cylinder.

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Micro needle the scope of application

0.2/0.25/0.3mm For daily skin care,red blood sensitive skin,improve eye wrinkles,dark circles,eye bags,reduce pigmentation

0.3/0.5/0.75mm Apply to facial care,whitening, hydrating, tightening ,light spot ,acne ,fine lines ,enlarged pores can also be used

1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm Operated by a professional people ,suitable for the treatment of deeper wrinkles,honeycomb tissue,stretch marks,obesity patterns,scars and so on.

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Micro-needle beauty skin,To open the door of skin bottom absorption

A. keep the skin intact

B. Irritation damage damaged skin,white anti wrinkle

C. Improve the skin microenviroment

D. combined with bioactive products,rejuvenize your skin

E. Use Micropores to convey beautiful factors

F. Includes skin self-preserving collagen activity

G. product absorption is good ,combined with biological components repair

H. Fast and easy ,also known as‘lunch break beauty’

I. To promote skin renewal,improve skin elasticity

J. Natural ,safe, easy to operate

Microneedle instructions

1.micro needle roller needle completely soaked in 75% alcohol, disinfection 20 minutes, dry standby

2. wash your face with a facial cleanser in a common way, then rinse it

3.The side effect of drop liquid or freeze-dried powder (the freeze-dried powder and the mother cell solvents) while using micro needle rolling rice shaped in the face. The operation time of 3-5 minutes. The first use of Pro micro needle intensity is not too large, natural force, skilled after their own adjustments.

4.after the end of the needle, with water replenishment mask, moisturizing mask, do not wash, and no need to use other skin care products

5.second days in the morning, according to routine care methods for skin care

Microneedle beaty ask

1. Q: micro needle beauty will be painful? How long before the effect?

Answer: microneedles are only gently rolled over the skin epidermis and are perfectly acceptable! Operation from light to heavy, slowly to let the skin adapt, slowly do more slowly and increase the number and intensity of rolling. How much effort can you take to control yourself?. Microneedle therapy is the effect of improving the skin condition by activating the autologous cells. The metabolic cycle of the skin is more than 28 days, and 10 times for a course of treatment! Entities more than 10 years of feedback, each time you can see the effect, and the effect will be better and better

2. Q:is it safe to use microneedle therapy? Are there any side effects?

Answer: Micro needles have professional entity instructions for use! We are doing more than 10 years of micro needle, as long as do micro needle disinfection work strictly, multi-purpose repair products after treatment

3.Q: the skin is black, yellow, there are spots, and with a lot of whitening products, the effect is not ideal, with micro needle can improve it?

Answer: the skin is dark yellow, serious stains is mainly the skin metabolism of melanin is not good, micro needle therapy can open the skin surface channel, make the skin cell metabolism to speed up the water, adequate nutrition, growth factors, can increase the proportion of new cells, reduce the old cells, so as to achieve the effect of removing whitening class.


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