5 In 1 Micro Needle Skin Care Derma Roller

JAMI 5 in 1 fine medical titanium derma roller is a professional beauty kit for Cell Regeneration、 Accelerated Cell Turn Over、 Clear Skin Tone、 Improved Skin Texture、 Reduced Skin Pore、 Reduced Wrinkle、Whitening etc…

Product Details

5 In 1 Micro Needle Skin Care Derma Roller


The needle skin care derma roller treatment refers to that after penetrating the skin through a rectangular array of needles, it directly acts on the dermis and stimulates it to promote the synthesis and regeneration of collagen in the dermis, so as to achieve the goal of skin rejuvenation.

Specifications (Model no.: JAMI- 5IN1)


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Notice tips


1.  This 5 In 1 micro needle skin care derma roller just can be used in healthy skin! If has wound, pustule or acne in your face, please use micro roller after it heals, in case of bacterial infection.

2.  This micro derma roller could be used once every two days or every three days, means two or three times a week. After every treatment must be avoid for direct sunshine!

3.  In a few hours or some days after treatment, there will be redness and swelling, but its belongs to normal appearance. If the situation is serious, please must stop using it and consult the doctor.

4.  This needle roller is not aseptic package, for the first using please sterilize  it in advance!!!

5.  After a long period of use, the needle becomes blunt, or accidentally falls to the ground (after a collision, the needle will bend or become dull), please replace a new micro needle.

Four major functions


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1.  Clean your face with facial cleanser is okay;

2.  Sterilize your face Iodine swabs the face.

3.  Sterilize the micro roller: Rinse micro needles with cold water and use 75% alcohol to sterilize after drying.

4.  Aseptic operation:A non - sterile micro - needle operation can be a risk of infection, please pay attention to disinfection!

5.  Apply the essence/liquid :Please ensure that there is no exciting and mild product.;

6.  Start to roll: The rolling area is divided into the forehead, the cheeks and the chin, and the needle direction is the rice type, which is the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. 5 times in each direction, the strength is mild or moderate, not too hard, especially sensitive skin, the strength is mild. The force and speed of the whole face roll should be consistent. Each operation time is about 15 minutes, according to each person's speed and proficiency, the time is slightly different, but not more than 60 minutes!

7.  After the operation, you should pay attention to the facial moisturizer, and use a high moisturizing essence/cream.

8.  After rolling, rinse the micro needle with cold water after boiling, and then disinfect with 75% medicinal alcohol after drying, and then put into the roller box for storage.

Before and after


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Special tips


Entry level: 0.3mm is recommended;

Red blood silk, eyes downplay wrinkles: recommended to choose 0.3mm;

Wrinkle and acne mark, recommended to choose 0.3mm ~ 0.5mm;

Rosacea, scar pockmark pit, pockmark pit, pockmark hole, pores: recommended to choose between 0.5mm and 1.5mm;

Stretch marks, orange peel, S body lines: 1mm ~ 2.5mm long micro needles are recommended.

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