Led Light Photon Derampen With Nano/microneedle Cartridges

Product Name: Led Light Photon Derampen With Nano/microneedle Cartridges
Model No.: JA-DP 03
Adapter: 4.2V-500MA
Power supply: Rechargeable with battery
Work time(charging full): 2-3 hours/ cordless used
Vibrate frequency: 8000-10000r/m

Product Details

Led light photon derampen with nano/microneedle cartridges can be matched with all kinds of essences to promote skin absorbtion and rejuvenate facial skin to restore the luster of the skin, and make skin looks flawloss.

Led light photon derampen with nano/microneedle cartridgesis a new technology that is systemic administation of a photo sensitiser, which a stimulated by photon, chemical and biologic process. It can treat a wide range of skin problem sucessfully without the side effect. The operation is easy and no requirement of clinical professional.


Product NameLed Light Photon Derampen With Nano/microneedle Cartridges
Model No.JA-DP 03
Power supplyRechargeable with battery
Work time(charging full)2-3 hours/ cordless used
Vibrate frequency8000-10000r/m
Needle depth0-2.5mm adjust
Pen size14.7*3.1cm
Gift box size18*11*5.5cm
Main body56g

7 colors Led Light Photon Derampen


Biological tissue of human body can absorb light and convert which can lead to a series of chemical reactions—photo decomposition, photo oxidation, photo polymerization, photo sensitization. Different wave length has different functions. The light can be absorbed by cell chondnosome and lead to enzymatic reaction. 

1. Red light(650-730nm): Can penetrate deep skin, promote cell regeneration, stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, anti-aging. 

2. Green light(430-450nm): Having a clear effect on sedation, soothing and purifying, helping to speed up the healing of the minimally invasive skin.

3. Blue light(525-550nm): Mainly for acne and skin inflammation, can start the bactericidal function of the human cells and destroy the living environment of the bacteria, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and eliminate acne of the skin.

4. Yellow light(565-570nm): lmprove the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, decompose pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve rough skin, wrinkles, treatment of skin red ness, fever, moss, etc., enhance immunity.

5. Purple light(340-440nm): ls dual red and blue light, which combines two phototherapy effect. Particularly, it has a good effect on repairing the acne and acne prints.

6. Clear blue light(340-440nm): Can gradual enhance cell energy, to have a good metabolism facilitating role. 

7. Laser light(white): Penetrate the skin deep, accelerate active tissue metabolism, decomposition color Spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

Nano wafer import principle


1. Nano wafers made of single crystal silicon, in addition to the characteristics of single crystal tough enough and can be done enough segments.

2. Can be fine to 80 nanometers, even bacteria can not get in.

3 can be as short as 0.1 mm, only open up the epidermis, far from reaching the blood vessels and nerves, so do not feel the pain and don’t bleed.

4. Nano wafer can open thousands of skin absorption channels per second, which is far beyond the ordinary steel needle, so the absorption rate of the chip many times higher than the needle.

Microneedle cartridges principle


The microneedle you could choose:1/3/7/9/12/36/42/nano

1/3/7/9/12/36/42 pin beauty principle:

Introduced vertically, wounds heal more easily on very small wounds, creating tens of thousands of tiny tubes per minute on the skin, relieving customers of pain to a greater degree and making the epidermis more comprehensive. The length of the needle can use the instrument to adjust the working depth of 0.25-2.5 mm.



1. At night, the skin metabolism is strong, the skin is good for skin care, so it is recommended to use it before bed to achieve better results.

2. It can be used with various types of skin care Essence, stock solution to promote skin care products many times absorbed. If users are sensitive to certain skin care products, do not use with it.

3. It is suitable with whitening, wrinkles, face-lift, remove the effect of pregnancy skin care products.

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