Anti-Aging LED Photon Auto Derma Pen With 7 Colors

Product Name: Anti-Aging LED Photon Auto Derma Pen With 7 Colors
Power Supply: Rechargeable
Adapter: 4.2V-500MA
Weight: Main body 102g
Size: 17*2.1cm
Package: 18*11*4.8cm

Product Details

Anti-Aging LED Photon auto derma pen with 7 colors uses 1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 24, 36, 42, nano(square and round) needle cartridges treatment on face, eye, eyelash, noise, body and so on. It is a motorized surgical instrument that uses a disposable needle tip cartridge with many micro-needles.

Specifications(Model no. : JA-DP 03)

Product NameAnti-Aging LED Photon Auto Derma Pen With 7 Colors
Power SupplyRechargeable
WeightMain body 102g



1. Minimal risks

2. Cost Effective

3. Short healing period

4. No permanent skin damage

5. No increase in sun sensitivity

6. Performed under topical anaesthesia

7. All skin types be treated

8. Thin or pre-lasered skin be treated

9. Body produces natural collagen for long-lasting results

10. Accelerate the skin care products absorption

11. Anti-Aging LED Photon Auto Derma Pen is with 7 colors for you to choose




1. Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.

2. Stretch mark removal

3. Anti ageing.

4. Anti wrinkle

5. Cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal.

6. Hair loss treatment/ hair restoration

7. Hyper pigmentation treatment.

Different needle depths are used for different skin care treatments


Cell Regenation
Upper Derma Rebom

Anti age/anti wrinkle

Light scar/ pimple and blemish

Deep scar pores refine treatment

Enhaances nutrient absorption
Cellulite/strech marks treatment

Hair re-growth

Eye treatment

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LED Photon Scar Removal Derma Pen.png 

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