Vertical 808nm Laser Diode Hair Removal Device

JAMI permanent hair removal didoe laser system use 600w laser bars power for hair removal and skin care treatment

Product Details

Vertical 808nm Laser Diode Hair Removal Device

Model no.: JA-DH 01


Our Vertical Diode Laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine is the best haire removal beauty machine by applying the high energ laser to achieve continuous energy conversion among electrical energy, optical energy and thermal energy.

The microprocessor controls the laser power for the laser module with adjustable constant current laser module, high power  laser diode converts electrical energy into optical energy, output continuous laser with the 808nm wavelength.

The laser beam through the optical crtystal irradiated to hair removal organization, penetrates the skin surface at the root of the hair follicle, the energy is absorbed and trandformed thermal energy to destroy the follicle tisssue. So that the hair remove and lose the capacity of regrowing. In thie way, this vertical 808nm laser diode hair removal device can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Multi Function

Hair removal----- armpit hair removal, chest hair

removal, back hair removal, bikini hair removal, etc.

Pigment Removal,

Wrinkle Removal,

Skin Rejuvenation,


Varicosity, etc…


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