New Technology Ipl Shr Epilator Opt Hair Removal Equipment

JAMI ipl shr epilator opt hari removal machine with new advanced technology of fast SHR IPL repetition rate, high performance cooling system, more power capability supply, precise software design leading the hair remove procedure easy, safety, comfortable (pain free) and effective.

Product Details

New Technology Ipl Shr Epilator Opt Hair Removal Equipment

Theory(Model no.: JA-OPT 01)

Perfect OPT SHR IPL technology, using three-dimensional technology concept: energy + width + pulse waveform. OPT perfect pulse technology, the word may be relatively unfamiliar to most people, in fact, mainly in the OPT technology hardware and did a lot of improvement, the core is capable of precise control of each pulse, and the energy per pulse cents no attenuation effect on our skin, hair removal equipment is precisely because it also formed a perfect pulse energy, eliminating the high-energy peak E light IPL first pulse-by-pulse energy sub attenuation disadvantages of this technology, which make OPT in the therapeutic effect over the special significance of the above increase, especially in the freckle, hair removal, skin rejuvenation aspects. More Good improve skin texture, reduce the role of pores, skin rejuvenation technology is therefore a real sense, more important is the safety of the treatment is greatly improved, to avoid the kinds of IPL treatment often appears past skin burns, etc. side effect. The real issue is to make the whole pulse energy output steady uniform, all intelligent control software, set pulsed light skin rejuvenation, pigmented lesions, vascular therapy in one, once OPT therapeutic effect equivalent to 2-3 times the conventional art therapy. Sapphire cooling technology, greatly improving the safety and effectiveness of treatment. This is the fourth generation of IPL technology through new breakthroughs. OPT square-wave technology that is perfectly controllable intense pulsed light technology, is the latest generation of pulse technology.

 principle of SHR IPL OPT.jpg



Standard   Spectra

Optional   Spectra

Application   Areas



vascular,   pigment, photo rejuvenation

610   -950nm


hair   removal


IPL Function

Skin care and rejuvenation.

IPL hair removal forever.

Vascular treatment.

Dispel epidermal pigmentation.

Dispel the spots and freckles.

Acne removal.

Skin lifting.



The Environment Requirements

Working temperature scope : +15~+30°C

Relative humidity scope : 30%~80%

Atmospheric pressure barometric : 86kpa -106kpa

The store environment temperature : +5°C ~+55°C

Power supply : 230V AC , 50/60Hz,  10A / or 115V AC , 50/60Hz, 20A


Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Types






Light skin

Always   Burns

Never   Tans


Light   skin

Always   Burns

Sometimes   Tans


Light   skin/ Oriental

Sometimes   Burns

Always   Tans


Brown   skin

Never   Burns

Always   Tans


Negro   Skin

Never   Burns

Always   Tans




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