Mini Pdt Led Machine for Acne Treatment and Skin Care

New 4 Color LED PDT Light Skin Care Beauty Machine LED Facial SPA PDT Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation ,Acne Remover ,Anti-wrinkle .

Product Details

Mini Pdt Led Machine for Acne Treatment and Skin Care

LED Therapy Details

Mini Pdt Led Machine Specifications(Model No. JA-LED 02)

Technology:PDT led lights skin care

Wavelength:Red 640nm/yellow 583nm/green 532nm/blue 423nm

Output mode:M1 M2 M3 M4

Bright intensity:1~9 level

Time selection:1-20min


Output:DC12V  3A



Size: 480x232x305mm


Package:Carton box



1.Remove: Fleck, Sunburn, Age Pigment etc.

2. Rehab: Any burn, Blain or Pigmentation caused by high energy from IPL and laser treatment.

3. Modulation: Maladjusted incretion, Ovary Maintained, breast lifting

4. Removal: Whelk, Macula, Folliculitis

5. Improve: Coarse Pore, Flabby Skin, thin Wrinkle, Gray complexion. Facial nerve anaesthesia, Relieve pressure, Improve sleeping.


1.No pain, no side effects, or downtime

2.Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types

3.non-invasive, and non-ablative

4.Fast and convenient

5.Treats large areas such as the entire face or chest at once

6.No aftercare is needed

7.Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques

8.Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen

LED Therapy Benefit

Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spot.

Reduces pore size、acne scars.

Improve minor stretch marks.

Increase skin elasticity and improve circulation.

Reduces the overall redness, flushing and dilated capillaries .

Rosacea and improves the recovery from these common chronic facial disorders.

Product Show

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PDT Light Work of phototherapy lamp machine

Mini Pdt Led Machine offer a totally natural, non-ablative method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LED interacts with cells and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin bio light therapy. Studies confirm that the same LED energy can be used to inhibit collagen formation,By manipulating the wavelengths, cells can be turned on and off.


1.Help to absorb

patented heat treatment of 60 LED chips, take care of every skin cell, effectively help the skin absorb the full spectrum of health!

2.Skincare import function

Led products using LED photorejuvenation beauty instrument can improve skin absorption of skincare products for 5 times.

3.Improving the quality of sleep

Led effectively stimulate the pineal gland, promote the secretion of melatonin, so as to regulate and improve sleep quality, let you enjoy high quality of "beauty sleep" every day.

4.Automatic power-off function

Led can automatically set the time (10 to 30 minutes), Automatically suspended work, no worries for using mask overtime.


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