Mini Radio Frequency Anti Aging Face Tightening Rf Lifting Machine

mini radio frequency(rf) machine is mainly used for anti-wrinle removal,face and skin lifting/tightening at home

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Mini Radio Frequency Anti Aging Face Tightening Rf Lifting Machine

How does RF work?( Model no.: JA-RF 01)

RF radio frequency system, which adopts an electrode treatment head, generates electric wave to heat up the dermis directly and stimulate the production of collagen, the collagen is the motivity which maintains skin elasticity and vitality, while heating the dermis will cause collagen reproduction and reconstruction, continuous heat will make skin tighten and free of wrinkles.


specification of mini rf.jpg


1. Effect by short term treatment

2. Increase blood circulation and metabolism

3. Anti aging face tightening machine can Improve absorption of cream and lotion

4. Decrease acne

5. Effect by long term treatment

6. Tighten skin and decrease fine wrinkles

7. Stimulate collagen cells and increases skin flexibllity.

8. Tighten large pores

9. Reshape the outline of face .

application of mini rf.jpg


Eye: To Lighten eye pouch, eye wrinkles

Face:Reshape the facial outlines : face lifting, forehead wrinkles removal ,skin tightening and decrease deep wrinkles.
Neck: Skin lifting ,wrinkles removal.
Body: Torebuild body figure, shape buttocks and legs contour ,tighten the loose arm skin

function of mini rf.jpg

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