Home Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Skin Scrubber Facial Machine

JAMI manufacturer rechargeable ultrasonic skin scrubber skin peeling device for skin smooth and skin care

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Home Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Skin Scrubber Facial Machine


product name

Skin Scrubber Facial Machine







Ultrasonic frequency

2.2 million times/second

Work type:


Package size


Product weight



II Theory:

The shovel-type cleansing apparatus adopts supersonic wave and nanotechnology to arouse violent vibration of 1.65 million times per second via fierce frictions among the molecules. Such vibration can go deep into the skin, make the molecule friction violently, and this vibration can penetrate into skin (3~7cm), result in temperature rise of deep layer and vigorous cellular metabolism, accelerate the micro circulation and improve metabolite backflow. Through the transformation of ion flow, the permeability of the cell membrane will be strengthened, thus the semi-permeable membrane will produce intracellular protoplasm micro current so that the aliphatic acid can be dissimilated into CO2 and H2O with the size being reduced. In the meantime, the beauty effect will be better in coordination with a specific targeted product.

III Application:

1.Deeply cleaning
2. Skin whitening
3. Fading spot
4. Skin massaging
5. Shrink pore
6. Lead-in nutrition


IV. Service:

1. Do you offer sample of Home Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Skin Scrubber Facial Machine?

We would like to offer you a sample with a low costs.

2. Do you offer OEM/ODM service?

Re: Yes, we offer best distributor price for OEM ODM order. If more than 200 pcs, we can print your logo on the package.

3. What about the packaging and delivery time?
Re: Standard Export Carton. After confirm payment, within 2 to 3 days.

4. What are the Payment Terms?

Re: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram.

5. How do you shipping?
Re: By DHL (door to door) or other express such as UPS, TNT, FEDEX, etc.


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