Home Use New Design Spot Removal Plasma Electric Pen

JAMI electric plasma pen is a multifunctional beauty device, it can remove tattoo, spot, fleck, mole etc... it’s a handheld for home used small machine, so you don’t need to go to hospital to make operation, just be more beautiful in your home.

Product Details

 Home Use New Design Spot Removal Plasma Electric Pen

Product details(Model no.: JA-RS)






1. It has 3 heating power for different treatment requirement. 

2. It comes with five pieces small needle and one big needle for diffenent spot and freckle. 

3. Removal spot without huring the normal skin. 

4. Remove spot without blooding.

5.without electric shock sense.

6. Easy carry and easy operation.



What does it  can do for you?



With the movement (traverse) of needle slightly, it is visible turning the melanin burned black and fall off after the needle scanning, it is available to removal in one time if the spot is small area and Shallow skin. The treatment of a large area and deeper layer spot/melanin, 2or 3 treatment is needed. 

2. Mole:
Before dot mole treatment, distinguish the mole situation at depth, suggestion at burning treatment at the method of small square movement, with many time to cover the piece of the mole surface. It is better to smear the nourishing cream before 2~3day before skin rehabilitation, avoiding the skin doke. 

3. Granulation:
Put the needle scanning slightly at the granulation, burning the granulation by laser electric needle to dead, the granulation will fall off in one week. One time treatment is effective for small granulation, if not, please several treatment is needed for partly removal, helping the good recovery of the skin;

4. Tattoo
Large needle is appropriate to the tattoo removal treatment, as its large area. It will be same treating method as spot treatment, but it will be a long time.

tattoo removal pen .jpg


 How to operation?


plasma pen facial beauty.jpg




accessories of plasma pen.jpg

What will we provide?


1. Package: standard carton box

2. Delivery time: within 3-8 days after receive the payment.

3. Warranty: 1 years.

4. Life long technical support.

5. Professional OEM service (buyer customized).

6. Lower price and higher quality for distributer.

7. Various training(by air, by sea, door to door...)


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