Portable Fat Freezing CryoPad Body Shaper Slimming Machine

Mini Cryopad use -8 degree to blasting the fat, and make it expel from the pore, lymphatic, sweat, urine etc.. so that for a good result of weight loss.

Product Details

Portable Fat Freezing CryoPad Body Shaper Slimming Machine

Function (Model no.: CryoPad)

- Fast to freeze fat

- CryoPad Body Shaper Slimming Machine can shape a perfect body for you!

- Tightening and slimming

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1. Contraindication

Raynaud’s disease


Implanted medical device

Recent surgery in the treatment area(within 1 year)

Umbilical or inguinal hernia

Cold sensitivities

Patients with Hepatitis C

2. For Avoiding frostbite, please do not do the treatment exceed 8 minutes at

first time, if patient Ok for that then lengthen treatment time suitable

3. To ensure the results, please do not block the Inlet Air Area of both side


Product Show

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