Newest Loss Weight Slimming Pad

it has 24pcs led blue biology light for Anti-inflammatory and sterilization, used -8C cryolipolysis for weight loss and body shaping.

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Newest Loss Weight Slimming Pad

Theory(Model No.: CryoPad)






1.Replace even beyond the liposuction surgery

2.Tighten loose skin

3.Enhance the rate of metabolism,accelerate the discharge of body waste and moisture

4.Repair stretch marks

5.Relax muscle,relieve muscle spasm,relieve muscle pain

6.Body weight loss(rapid elimination of fat,waist and abdomen shaping,shaping the buttocks shape,leg type)




1. Cooling technology approved freezing slimming: most popular way for losing weight in the market;

2. Non-surgical medical cosmetic technologies. more safe than liposuction, special design for handpeice, no any pain feeling when finished the treatment;

3. Single treatment can reduce 20-30% reduction in the fat layer;

4. Handpiece is allocated with 8 inch colourful touch screen;

5. Safe and precise cooling function for comfortable treatment procedure;

6. Shorten the treatment time .User-friendly interface;

7. Medical CE,ISO13485 quality control series approved.

8. Effective radiators to ensure machine working till 12 hours

9. Power supply imported from Taiwan Meanwell.


cryo slimming.jpg




1.Cooling device output temperature: -8℃ ~ 5℃

2.Voltage: AC110V/220V 50-60Hz

3.Treatment Area: 90mm x 90mm

4.Cooling nature: CPU Air cooling

5.Power consumption: ≤65W

6.PDT Diodes Light: 24 PCS

7.Anti freeze membrane size: 120mm x120mm

8.External power supply: 12V / 8.5A


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