Home Use Mini Handheld Fat Reducing Rf Ultrasonic Device

RF ultrasonic body shape and skin care massager beauty machine is a safe and effective skin beauty tool, no any side effect for skin; It can permeate into deep tissues. The micro vibration stimulates cells, sparking an accelerated rejuvenation effect.

Product Details

Home Use Mini Handheld Fat Reducing Rf Ultrasonic Device

Model no.: JA-40K


Working theory

  1. FR function shrink skin pore quickly.

  2. Ultrasonic lead in nutrition for skin.

  3. Ultrasonis burning body fat.

  4. Red color beauty device

Technical features: RF+LED COLOR LIGHT+Ultrasonic

Detail Function:

  1. RF radio frequency function: the metal contacting conductive tip can sed out radio wave of 6 million vibrations per second. The thermal energy generated from 500KHz high frequency pulse will shrink collagen and attain the effect of tightening skin,omproving wrinkles and reducing weight through continuous regeneration and recombination as the time goes by, besides, the device is provided with 4 levels of RF function ranging from strong to weel, which allows users to adjust the level in line with heir own feelings.

  2. LED function: RED light with 635nm wave length features high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density, which has a significant effect in skin care and health treatment. Red light can enhance the vitality of cells, promote cells'metabolism, make the skin release a huge amount to collagen and fibrous tissue for self-filling. With wide applicabilitu to various kinds of skin, red light can promote blood circulation and revive the collagen so as to keep your skin more smooth, imporve the skin fryness and trace and alleviate hair loss, follicle damage and alopeica.

  3. Ultrasonic wave function: the physical vibrations up to 330000 per second will make each part under the effect vibrate accordingly, providing unique cell massage, enhancing the cellular metallic function, incresaing the vitality of cells, promoting the blood circulation, improving the nutrition of skin tissue and keep the skin rosy and elastic.


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1.Compare with other beauty device, what advantage of Fat Reducing Rf Ultrasonic Device?

RF Body slimming device is the most advanced Dot Matrix RF technology, the comfort and take care effective is much more better than traditional monopolizer or multiparty RF device, this device sale in market from 2014, it is the newest advantaged skin tightening device

2.What skin problems can be solved by RF Body slimming device?
RF Body slimming device can solve skin wrinkle, sagging skin, big pores and other skin problems, also can solve some Pigmentation or Tissue depression problems.

3.Is there any feeling when we use RF Body slimming device?
During the take care period, you will feel skin heating, and slight pain as needle acupuncture, slight red skin and edema, this is normal phenomenon, usually it will be disappear quickly. If you feel not comfortable, please cool your skin.

4.Can I use RF Body slimming device if i am sensitive skin?
Yes , you can , but recommend you use much more conductive skin care cream, that can relieve your skin pain.

5.Can I use the RF Body slimming device to take care my eyes?
Yes, you can , but please use lowest intensity to take care around your eyes, because the skin around eyes is very thin, if you use high intensity , you will feel uncomfortable. Please be noted that can not use device on your eyeball.

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