Cryolipolysis System Mini CryoPad Slimming Device

Product Name: Cryolipolysis System Mini CryoPad Slimming Device
Model No.: OB-CP 01
Measure: 20*13*7cm
Voltage: AC 12V
Power: <65W
Screen: Digital Tube
Treatment: 98*98mm

Product Details

Cryolipolysis system mini CryoPad slimming device is very light, with the good price, also can save the freight, you can do the treatment when you are listening music or enjoy you own time after the hard working. You don’t need to take any more time on it. It is reasonable human design for the beauty machine. What’s more it is effective and safety for the weight loss,believed it is your top option, you deserve it.


1. No recovery period, easy operation.

2. Feel confortable during treatment.

3. Freezer adopts fine copper to transmit cold, air cooling system can rapidly dissipate heat.

4. Freezing body shaping machine specially cure the stubbotn fat, it won't harm skin and other tissue of body during treatment.

Technical Parameters:

Product NameCryolipolysis System Mini CryoPad Slimming Device
Model No.OB-CP 01
VoltageAC 12V
ScreenDigital Tube
Temperature0 to -8℃
LED ModelBio blue light 423mm
CoolingFan+Refigeration pad
Time1-20 times

Using 1 time=Sit-ups 50 times

Using 2 times=Running 10km

Using 3 times= Swim 1 day

How to use?

1. Bingding the machine on the area that you want to do the treatment, pug in power,you will hear a sound , when showing——means normal  power supply.

2. Power Button: Press once means machine on (second hand flshing and blue light on, Default time is 8 minutes), press second time, machine off(Time showing&rdquo; &rdquo; and blue light off)

3. Time setting button: Only when machine on then you can set the time you need, press once means add 1 minute. Long press button can add time to 30 minutes fleetly but when the time reach that you want please stop pressing,otherwise the treatment time will start from 1 minute to 30 minute again and again. Treatment time is 1-30minutes.


1: Contraindication:


Cold sensitivities 

Patients with Hepatitis C

2. For Avoiding frostbite, please do not do the treatment exceed 8 minutes at first time,if patient Ok for that then lengthen treatment time suitable.

3. To ensure the results, please do not block the Inlet Air Area of both side.

lowest temperature of cryopad.jpg

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