Needle-free Mesotherapy Electroporation Photon Face Lift Massager

Needle free meso photon massager is used for skin care,eye beautification and body slimming care, it has 7 led light treatment when you make the nutrient injection.

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Needle-free Mesotherapy Electroporation Photon Face Lift Massager


Directly effect on the skin, instantly enhanced skin permeability, under the effect of electric shocks, the lipid cells formed double layer electric shocks hole, at the same time the endothelial cell lining the formation of lipid double layer of hole, holes in the shock formed at the same time, it makes the original cells which can not be absorb hydrophilic molecules can penetrate and enter cells, Once the shock hole formed, then according to the depth of electric shock, in a few seconds to a few minutes, the electric pore remain open


A major role in the physical elements that will be distributed to help them successfully penetrate and enter the cell interior, using the principle that electric charge with same electrical property repel each other, exert positive potential to the positive nutritional elements ,lead-in nutrient molecules into the cell interior, at the same time, the neutral molecule penetrate and entry into the cell interior smoothly

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Fractional radio frequency home use

Big size Dot Matrix tips, working more efficiency, effectively rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkle and tighten loose skin

Firm and tighten the loose skin, moisture and stimulate collagen formation

Updated skin, stimulate cellular in time and accelerate cell division and regenerate, restore skin

to young state

Needle-free mesotherapy electroporation photon face lift massager helps to absorb essence of nursing, gives skin adequate nutrients

Energy deliver efficiently, fundamentally improve the skin, lift the face and eyes.

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Operation, the face must be coated with enough essence or emulsion.

When using this device, you must first place the beauty instrument on the skin and skin contact and then

adjust the intensity. Adjust the intensity, it should be slowly adjusted, not once the intensity transferred to too much

The people who face made plastic surgery no more than a year and the skin with metal objects

should not use this device.

Pregnant women, high blood pressure, the heart of the pacemaker, etc. should not use this device.

Adjustment knob should be slowly adjusted, can not be too large, so as not to twist the knob twist wire.

After completion of the whole treatment, remember to clean the hand piece, prohibit to use alcohol directly to clean the instrument, Please dilute alcohol to connection of 30% if you want to clean it with alcohol.

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