Mini Water Mesotherapy System Skin Refresh Injection Gun

Home use mini water mesotherapy gun inject water and hyaluronic acid, keep youth and beautiful at home

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Mini Water Mesotherapy System Skin Refresh Injection Gun

What is water mesotherapy? (Model no.: HD 100)

Type water Mesotherapy by acmetea repair collagen will hyaluronic acid PRP growth factors such as botox medical skin nutrition formula into the dermis, the skin fair-skinneds in vain after injection Full water embellish BellaVita GuangZhen using negative pressure multi needle in the skin into the dermis human loss due to aging of hyaluronic acid collagen botox PRP from somatic cell injection and other high-end products, make the skin to absorb and store itself 1000 times the weight of the water, wake up the cell regeneration function, repeat in repairing the rupture of withered skin cells in a short period of time reshape firming smooth elastic skin.

What does it can do for you?



before-after water meso.jpg



1 x water mesotherapy gun

1 x user manual

1 x USB wire+ plug

1 x nano needle cartridge

1 x 5 needle cartridge

1 x injection pipe

Why choose us?

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