House Hold Needle Free Mesotherapy Photon Thin Face Beauty Device

Needle free photon mesotherapy machine can be directly effect on the skin,instantly enhanced skin permeability,under the effect of electric shocks,the lipid cells formed double layer electric shocks hole,at the same time the endothelial cell lining the formation of lipid double layer of hole.

Product Details

House Hold Needle Free Mesotherapy Photon Thin Face Beauty Device

Principle(Model no.: JA-HN 01)

In recent years,Mesotherapy has been challenged by a simied procedure,Lipodissolve or injection lipolysis- a more concentrated anti-cellulite injectable,The concentration of the ingredients in Lipodissolve tends to vary from clinic to clinic,while mesotherapy thends to be more regulated Electrophoresis energy ashton beauty of innovative technology products,the use electroporation and electroosmosis,in the case of non-use of syringes,using AMD infiltration techniqures, positining,fixed layer,quantitative delivery of medical care to the inner membrane of drugs or natural active ingredients within the skin to be effective treatment of various skin symptoms,this cutting -edge technolgy is also known as No NEEDLE MESOTHERAP.


1.Innovative technology:The use of the principles of electroporation and electroosmosis

2. The high absorption rate:Nutrition directly inside the cell,absorption rate of 99%

3. Pain without side effects:Treatment process completely painless,does not change the mechannism of the skin,supporting the natural active substances

4. The treatment site:The face,neck,chest,waist,buttocks,legs can be used supporting the effectiveness of many products,whitening,wrinkle.



Applicable Ranges

1. Facial skin care

a. Oily skin,coarse pores,thick cuticle
Purify the skin,remove dead skin
Purify pore,decompose grease,smooth and tighten pores,reastore skin bright and smooth

b. Dull,tired,pale and edema skin
Speed up the oxygen absorption,improve circulation

c. Mature ,loose,water scarcity,wrinkles and dry skin.
Firm and tighten the loose skin,moisture and stimulate collagen formation
Updated skin,stimulate cellular intima and accelerate cell division and regenerate,restore skiin to young state

2. Eye Beautification
Eliminate dark circle,eye pouch and eye wrinkle and fatigue eye,remit edema,etc.

3. Body sliming care

a. Cellulite
Repel cellulite,smooth body skin

b. Edema
Subside edema,improve blood vessel,lymph circulation

c. Loose skin after weight-loss
Firming loose skin,enhance the tightening


1. The host Power-supply connection

2. Apply the stock solution evenly onto the skin

3. Rotating the knob above the host,adjust the energy of electrophoresis to the appropriate energy

Operation Notes:

1. Users can not carry with any metal during treatment

2.After completionof the whole treatment ,remember to clean the hand piece,
prohibit to use alcohol directly to clean the instrument,
Please dilute alcohol to connection of 30% if you want to clean it with alcohole

Time for use:
Generally recommendation
10-15 minutes or so ,such as skin or sensitive skin in good condition about 10 minutes,
the skin is poor, the general operation of thick cuticle about 15 minutes, 2-3 days to do this once

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