LED Light Therapy Hot ans Cold Facial Massager

Rechargeable skin rejuvenation facial machine hot and cold vibration face slimming massager used for wrinkle removal portable home use

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LED Light Therapy Hot ans Cold Facial Massager

Principle(Model No.: JA-RS)

1, The use of air-conditioning principle. The use of special ceramic chips, the absorption of energy, can be achieved in the moment the effect of cold, the chip absorbs the energy generated by the heat of the method with the other side of the heat generated by the heat, the fan will be extra heat discharge, and constant temperature, The effect produced.

2, Hot and cold superconducting instrument known as the warmth of the three said, simple, safe, constant temperature, automatic power, small size, easy to carry, 90V ~ 240V can be used throughout the world.

3, Alternating hot and cold, the beauty of the addition, multiplication effect, can naturally and completely activate the cells, improve, purify the skin




Cool Massage: 10°C Cool temperature can effectively eliminate the wrinkles, minimize the pores, lock the water and strengthen elasticity of the skin. It solves the trouble of putting the towel in fridge for cool care.

Hot Massage: 45°C Heat temperature can effectively relax the skin, accelerate blood circulation, discharge the toxin and promote metabolism.


LED Light Therapy Hot ans Cold Facial Massager how to exchange: Activate the skin, increase the liveliness of skin cell and improve the skin elasticity.

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