Bipolar Radio Frequency RF Face Lifting Instrument

Effective mini RF skin care device is used for facial and eyes lifting, firming and wrinkle removal

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Bipolar Radio Frequency RF Face Lifting Instrument

Theory(Model No.: JA-RF 01)



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a, Outstanding effect, Biopolar radio frequency

b, Bipolar radio frequency face lifting instrument is safe and comfortable that feeling by skin sensor and matching system.

c, Internal inspection and calibration system ensure SRF-10 table

d, Smaller, smarter and cost effective RF device for at home skin care

e, The skin care device of RF home use which is safe and easy to use offers satisfactory results

f, Portable and low power consumption


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1) Effect by short term treatment

-Increase blood circulation and metabolism

-Improve absorption of cream and lotion

-Decrease acne

2) Effect by long term treatment

-tighten skin and decrease fine wrinkles

-Stimulate collagen cells and increase skin flexibility

-Tighten large pores

-Reshape the outline of face


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