Professional HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine With 3.0/4.5MM Cartridges

Portable non-invasive vaginal tightening hifu machine with 3.0/4.5mm cartridges,effective for Women private Care vaginal relaxation treatment.

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Professional HIFU vaginal tightening machine with 3.0/4.5MM cartridges

Theory(Model No.: JA-HF 02)


Private firm focused ultrasound instrument using the latest technology, the use of different depths of the treatment head, the precise positioning of the treatment site in the vaginal mucous membrane surface of the fiber layer, layer, and the pelvic floor muscles pelvic fascia, the use of mechanical wave thermal effect, shrink fiber layer and the fascia, muscles and stimulate the cavernous layer, promoting the entire vaginal wall metabolism and enhance the ability to repair broken for major vaginal tissue damaged, relaxation and other issues comprehensive treatment, and ultimately achieve remission and resolve vaginal relaxation purposes.

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Input   Voltage

AC100V-240V   50/60Hz

Energy   Type

HIFU(High   Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

Output   power

0.1J(weak)   to 1.0J(strong)(0.1J/step)


1.0   to 3.0mm(0.1mm/step)

Focal   Length

5   to 25mm(1.0mm/step)

Rotating   Angle

5°-   25°


6   inch true color touch screen




1.Auto recognition cartridge

2.Auto follow-up cartridge power

3.No need resetting after change cartridges

4.Auto count down cartridge lifespan

5.Stepmotor inside handpiece

6.Cartridge liquid anti frozen and swell in low temperature, dissolve in 5 minutes when back to room temperature.

7.Portable, easy to carry



When happens vaginal relaxation, the traditional way of using a surgical tightening vaginal tightening surgery or laser therapy, these two mode operation difficult, obviously surgery pain, postoperative recovery period longer, easily lead to improper treatment of complications, severe cases, even lead to infertility or vaginal necrosis and so on.

Private compact instrument using the latest technology focused ultrasound treatment, with automatic / semi-automatic mode of treatment, the ultrasonic focus diseased tissue layer precision mechanical heat treatment effect, the surface of non-invasive, high-performance security, for the crowd is very extensive. Because almost every adult female gynecological problem of inflammation, the wound surface is not completely avoided due to wound infection and inflammation caused by high risk of side effects, and the course of treatment the patient had no pain, physical recovery compared to traditional surgery also significantly reduce the patient to solve the problem of vaginal relaxation in the comfort of the treatment process.




vaginal hifu 


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