360 Degree Rotation Vaginal Tightening HIFU Beauty Machine

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360 Degree Rotation Vaginal Tightening HIFU Beauty Machine

Introduce     (Model No.: JA-HF 02) 


Vaginal HIFU is 360-degree cicular emission in the form of thermal energy into the vaginal mucosa,muscle,

stimulate the lamina propria and muscle fibers in cell regeneration. Temperatures up to 60-70degrees,damaged 

collagen fibers,elastic fibers and other restructuring ,so that the vaginal wall thickening and tightening of the vagina 

is firmness,sensitivity,significantly enhanced lubrication,vaginal tightening as before.

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1.Greater income last long.

2.Increase the secretion eliminate dryness

3.Enhance cell regeneration reaction

4.Comprehensive improvement to reduce infection

5.Comprehensive anti-aging makes you confident and beautiful




DeepEpidermisAccurate reach 3.0mm or 4.5mm
Temperature50-70 degrees65-70 degrees
EffectEpidermis RegenerationCollagen Regeneration
Maintain time6 months1 year
Epidermis protection/Energy into the dermis layer of skin without injury 
Treatmentinterval of 6 monthsinterval of 6 months




1.Full comfort painless: Safety treatment,the treatment of the whole without any sense of pain.

2.Easy and convenient treatment: Treatment processis easy,the whole operation takes 15 minutes,go without hospitalization

3.More safety: Unique disposable sterile sleeve.Use separate to avoid cross-infection,and more secure

4.No side effect: Expert clinical operations with high security index,does not affect future sex life and normal development

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As a professional supplier, we provide :

1. Two years warranty  and Life long technical support 

2. Various training 

3. Fast delivery time (within 2-5 days after receiver payment)

4.Professional OEM sevice 


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