NEW Generation Mesotherapy Gun Needle Injection Beauty Device

- Dec 26, 2017 -


max power10w
Electrical RatingsDC9V,2V
Pressure output500 kpa
recharge batteryDC 7.4V, 1150mAh
Screen LCD1.6 Inch
Speed1-5 level
Syringe type1/2/3/5 CC for choice
Full charging of battery time180 min



· Extra BIO Whitening
· Wrinkle Removal
· Skin Firming Serum
· Skin Regeneration
· BIO Skin Purify
· Skin Sensitivity Decreasing
· Striae of Pregnancy Remove
· BIO Freckle Dispelling

meso machine.jpg

needle mesotherapy gun.jpg

mesotherapy device.jpg

meso gun injector.JPG

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