NANO Needle-free Cartridges Used For Lash Boost Therapy And Eyelash Growth

- Dec 13, 2017 -

How to use our dermapen and nano cartridges for eyelash growth?

1: Use our dermapen and sqare nano cartridges treatment on eyelash area,to wake up hair follicle tisse.

2: Leading-in stem cell, growth factor or eyelash serum every day

3: Use the hot eyepatch to absorb stem cell, growth factory or eyelash serum fastly.

In first 7-15days, wake up hair follicle tisse so that new eyelash will grow again

15-30days, new eyelash will grow 

30-60days, eyelash will grow stronger 

60-90days, eyelash will grow to a better length 




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