Permanent Hair Removal Laser Therapy Diode Laser Machine

JA-DH 01 diode laser hair removal system is a revolutionary 808nm diode laser platform with Pain-Free, Hair-Free permanent hair reduction for all skin types.

Product Details

( Modle no.: JA-DH 01)





    808 nm diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective absorption of light and heat. The laser goes through the epidermis layer to reach the root of hair follicles,  laser can be absorbed and converted into heat to destroy the hair follicle and the surrounding oxygen tissue; Meanwhile, the particular super cooling system can creat certain anesthetic effects, to protect the epidermis layer from burn by laser energy, which ensure a safe and effective treatment.

    At the same time, 808 nm diode laser heat hair follicles to 48°C under lower energy density mode, hair follicle cells will loss activity after sustaining sliding from the handpiece, so as to get the effect of permanent hair removal.


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Packing list





Laser   Machine 

1   SET

Laser   machine with case

Handle   Piece

1   PC

Pedal   Switch

1   PC

User   Manual

1   PC

VAC   Plug Wire

1   PC

Not   attached for Frame machines

Water   Tube

1   PC

Not   attached for Frame machines

Plastic   Funnel

1   PC

Not   attached for Frame machines



Treatment notice


1.     The treatment of the hair removal needs experienced professionals. Do not use it if you have no experience for such kind of laser device.

2.     Operators and patients must wear laser goggles to protect eyes from any laser damage threat.

3.     Please notice that this is a high power laser device and if the patients feel very painful, please stop the laser and check if there is anything happens to the patients’ skin. Adjust it as a proper power that the patients can stand to do the treatment.

4.     Skin color is very important. For white to light color, you can adjust the laser power up to 80~100% for a higher performance, and the Fluence can be adjusted to 40~90J/cm2. For light color to light brown, you need a lower laser power (30%~60% for example), with a longer pulse width to protect any skin burning. Also you need to extend the treatment time for the dark skin to inject enough energy to the skin and follicles.

5.     The skin must be shaved before treatment.

6.     The handle piece is better to be operated at SCANNING mode. It is faster for treatment.

7.     Skin contact gel is no necessary for treatment. It won’t make the treatment better or improve the skin feeling.

8.     You need to wait for several minutes before the cooling tip becomes cold.

9.     Keep contact the cooled Sapphire with skin. And you can also use the edge of the Aluminum

10.  head of the handle piece to cool down the skin during treatment.

11.  Never shot the laser pulses to eyes, or watch the laser directly.


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