Portable E-light Shr Ipl Opt Salon Equipment

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Product Details

Product display(Model no.: JA-OPT 02)


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Component part


The OPT Treatment system composed of the following parts:

1. Emergency switch

2. Control panel

3. Main Unit

4. Treatment handpiece

5. Connectors for Handpiece

6. KEY Switch

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Main unit


The Main unit is the integral part of this system; it consists of the following parts.

1. The Power supply module: regulates electrical supply to the entire system.

2. The Control module: Regulates and coordinates the various components of the system for optimum performance.

3. The display module: Displays various information of the system and accept users instruction.

4. High current capacitors: Delivers adequate electrical energy to guarantee sufficient power during operation.

5. Cooling system: Maintains a stable thermal environment for optimum performance. 

Various training


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